This player has settled on the earth like planet Delgado. There are 6 different planet types with different properties and images. Among others you can see here, how much resources are available at the moment for the building of buildings and starships and how much buildings already exist. This player has ordered 30 camps just now, to provide more living space for his population. You can settle on as many planets as you wish.
Delgado (#44)
Status: Camps ready in 0:04:09
Productivity: 100%
Tech Level: 67
Total: 377,500
Available: 377,500
Iridium: 159,007
Deuterium: 194,505
Gravitonium: 19,800
Hydro Plants: 300
Protein Fabs: 900
Camps: 300 (30)
Settlements: 950
Ir Mines: 220
Ir Stores: 700
Dt Reformers: 120
Dt Tanks: 700
Tech Centers: 67
Shield Gen.: 800
Starshipyards: 40
Space Docks: 2
Gr Distillers: 40
Gr Storages: 190

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